2021 Resolutions

Most of my goals for 2020 didn’t happen because, well, you know. Here’s hoping for better in 2021!

Cautious optimism is the phrase for this year.

Last year, I really enjoyed focusing on professional resolutions. Some of them, I accomplished, (reading more in my area of expertise) while others weren’t even possible (decorating my office – I haven’t worked on site since November 2019). Even though I couldn’t achieve all of the goals on my list, I enjoyed setting them. If the struggles of 2020 have taught me nothing else, it’s to find ways to be happy and invest in myself. So for 2021, I am going to set goals related to my hobbies.

Reading for Pleasure

Somewhere between 1L orientation and now, my love for reading died. This is a common complaint I hear among law students and grads. I’m pretty ashamed of how little I read nowadays, especially when I compare myself to my husband who is a voracious reader. To get myself back on track, I set a goal of reading 24 books–or 2 books per month–this year.

Just some of the books that Billy boasted reading last year. I hope to have my own little stack soon.

I’ve already made a good start by finishing my first book, Riding in Cars with Boys by Beverly Donofrio. It was an easy introduction to my resolution with just over 200 pages of a very candid memoir. Up next is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. If you’ve noticed a pattern, you’re not wrong. I am starting off by reading books that have inspired some of my favorite movies from my youth. I feel like it’s high time to give some attention to the literary works that gave me so much silver screen delight. If you want to follow my progress, feel free to find me on Goodreads under the handle bookersquared.


I’m pretty guilty of neglecting this space. I find so much joy in writing posts, but I tend to overthink article ideas and procrastinate. My drafts are way too full and my recent posts are too sparse. Therefore, I am committing to posting new blog posts at least twice per month. Since reading and writing tend to go hand-in-hand, I think it makes since to mirror my reading and writing resolutions.

My blog can’t grow if I never cultivate it.

Capsule Wardrobe

I have far too many clothing items, and this past year has been all sweats, leggings, and oversized tees anyways. I’m ready to let 90 percent of the clothes I own go. I want to replace them with a capsule wardrobe, a collection of only 37 versatile pieces for each season. That includes accessories and even pajamas. The first challenge is deciding what practical and fashionable essentials I need to make up my capsule.

The second challenge is focusing on sustainability by shopping secondhand and eco-friendly items. My main go-to to meet this requirement will be ThredUp, an online thrift store where I can even mail in old clothes to get shopping credit. I have been ruminating on this wardrobe shift for a while, and I am ready to take the leap.

These joggers are the first thing going into my capsule because I love them too much.

That’s it for my 2021 resolutions. I’m not trying to be too ambitious or rock the boat too much. I’m just hoping for a little bit of change, a little bit of renewal, and a little extra happiness.

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