You’ve Never Seen a Show Like This

A whole new woooooooooorld…

Major Attaway is a national treasure

I got to experience a bit of Disney magic firsthand at the “Aladdin” musical during its run at The Kennedy Center here in DC. First of all, it was amazing. Second of all, why had I not been to The Kennedy Center before? The first thing I noticed when I arrived is how absolutely gorgeous the center is. The ambiance was perfect for a musical that is full of bright colors and sparkle. It was also convenient to get to thanks to the free shuttles at Foggy Bottom Metro.

Make way for Prince Ali!

My seat was in the first row of an upper balcony, and the view was on point. I could see everything going on without anyone blocking my view. I went with a friend who bought tickets via the student discount, so they were only $45/each. I’m afraid of heights, but I was comfortable where we sat and never felt like I was too far up.

My view of the stage wasn’t too shabby

Okay now about the show. I have to admit that I was never a big fan of “Aladdin” growing up. Something about the movie didn’t connect with me. But seeing it live as a musical performance was spectacular! Major Attaway, who played the role of Genie on Broadway, was a delight to see. All of the actors were fabulous, but Attaway’s singing, dancing, and overall Genie-ness made the show. If you ever have an opportunity to see him on stage, please take advantage.

I had to snap a photo of the theater ceiling because look at it

The costumes and makeup were exquisite, and the special effects were amazing. Y’all. I have no idea how that magic carpet worked. Maybe my seat was too far away to tell (which I’m happy about because it preserved the magic), but I couldn’t see any strings or ropes or poles or whatever. The carpet flew all over the stage and changed directions, and it seriously looked like a real magic carpet. I know I sound like a goofy little kid right now, but I think that just speaks to how great the show was. It made me feel like a little kid.

The theater’s namesake on a beautiful display

So the takeaways are:

  • Go see “Aladdin” the musical
  • Magic carpets may be real after all
  • And I will be back at The Kennedy Center

In the meantime, remember: magic is as magic does.

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