Rockville Rocks! (Okay, That Was Cheesy)

Just one of the many fun places to explore on the Maryland side of the DMV

Just look at that picturesque little street

I live in a weird little spot known as North Bethesda, Maryland. It’s a small stretch of area right between Bethesda and Rockville. Until recently, I used to just explore the Bethesda side of things, but Billy and I decided that we need to see more of the Rockville area. So this past Saturday, we went exploring the Rockville Town Square.

We had been down there before but usually when we had a specific destination in mind. We had yet to take the opportunity to just wander and get to know the area. We parked the car and headed up Maryland Avenue, taking advantage of the sunny day.

The center of the Square is a lovely spot for relaxing

We walked past shops that had everything from French baked goods to bubble tea. There were a lot of people enjoying the restaurant patios and the benches on the sidewalks. We made our way to the center of the Square where there is a small green space lined with benches and lawn chairs. In the distance is a stage where they host outdoor concerts and other entertainment. Families were playing frisbee and having a good time. It was very “Leave it to Beaver,” only there were brown people.

I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, but the IT’SUGAR store on the other side of the Square caught my eye. I prefer fruity and sour candy to chocolate, and I’m a picky candy eater who only likes the cherry- and strawberry-flavored parts of most candies. Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, gummy bears — I only eat the red ones. This is mainly why I love IT’SUGAR because I can get as many cherry gummy bears as I want, and I don’t have to pick through a bunch of other flavors.

Who doesn’t love a good candy shop?

After leaving the candy store, we walked in the direction of Courthouse Square to see what beautiful, old architecture we could find. We were not disappointed. We found a beautiful, historic building known as the Red Brick Courthouse, built in 1891. There is a gorgeous fountain right in front of it where we sat for a while and enjoyed the scenery. This spot is a nice mix of modern and classic with shiny, new apartments right across the street from Red Brick Courthouse. The Regal Theater nearby mixes old with new by keeping an old-school marquee out front.

The name “Red Brick Courthouse” might be a little on-the-nose, but it works

Our mini-adventure into Rockville was wonderful. We will definitely return, if for no other reason than to try an intriguing Russian restaurant that we saw.

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