In College, a Kid in My Dorm Got Scurvy from Eating Nothing But Top Ramen. I Know This Is a Weird Title, But I Had to Let Y’all Know.

Good ramen makes miso happy.

Spicy miso ramen with a random brussel sprout because Kathryn doesn’t like them.

I love ramen. A lot. I eat fancy ramen, homemade ramen, instant ramen — all the ramen! But the absolute best ramen I have ever had is at Daikaya in DC’s Chinatown. It’s hands down the most delicious ramen, and I would eat it constantly if I could.

The pretty arch between the metro and Walgreens

Two things make Daikaya a convenient stop for me: 1) it’s on the red line, and 2) Chinatown is a lot of fun. One thing that makes Daikaya very inconvenient, however, is the fact that its popularity means really long wait times (45 minutes to 1 hour is not uncommon). But this past Wednesday, there was a Caps game at the Capital One Arena. I had just gotten off work, and Kathryn was downtown, so we met up. We thought, “Gee, if everyone is about to go to the game, do you think Daikaya will be easier to get into?” And lo and behold, the hockey gods blessed us with a 10-minute wait.

That chalkboard comic pretty much sums up my life

I’ve had all 5 kinds of ramen that they serve, and they are all delicious. Four of them are pork-based, and one is vegetarian. But my favorite has to be the Spicy Miso Ramen. It’s not really that spicy to me, but the flavor is amazing. The noodles in all of the ramen are imported from Sapporo, Japan, and the quality is instantly noticeable.

If Daikaya’s wait is ever too long, the cool thing about Chinatown is that there are dozens of other great options nearby

If pork isn’t your thing and you aren’t feeling the vegetable ramen, Daikaya is around the corner from their sister restaurant, Bantam King. Bantam King serves chicken-based ramen, and they also have fried chicken small plates. One thing I love about Bantam King is that they have chocolate chip cookies and milk as a dessert. So simple, so good.

If you love ramen, this is where you need to go. If you don’t like ramen, then I have no idea why you read this entire post.

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