4/20 Hot Pot

No, this isn’t about marijuana, but that title tho.

Hot, spicy, yummy goodness

For our Saturday lunch, Billy and I decided to try out the Chinese hot pot restaurant near our apartment, Urban Hot Pot. Neither of us ever had hot pot before, and this all-you-can eat spot was at the top of our list for places to try. It has excellent reviews, especially for a first-time experience.

Every table has a touchscreen pad where you order whatever food and drink you want

We had no idea where to start with the menu. Fortunately, each table has a touchscreen device where you can peruse the options at your leisure and place orders at your convenience. No need to wait for a server or awkwardly fumble through a menu while quickly placing your order. As soon as you send your order to the kitchen, they begin preparing your items and bring them fresh to the table.

I tried the spicy broth — just the right amount of heat and excellent flavor

They serve each broth in little pots, and you cook them right at your table on individual burners. You can add whatever vegetables, meat, seafood, and tofu you like. I chose a mix of sliced beef, bok choy, bean sprouts, broccoli, fried tofu, spinach, and kimchi. If I ran out of any ingredients, I simply ordered more on the touch pad. It was absolutely delicious!

At this point, my body was at least 70% soup

I think we may have created a new 4/20 tradition. Such a shame that I don’t partake in the devil’s lettuce, because I’m pretty certain that Urban Hot Pot is paradise for folks who have the munchies.

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