Denson’s Happy Hour

Every month, my office goes on a happy hour outing because, yeah, we’re basic but screw it, we have fun.

Denson Liquor Bar happy hour menu

This past Wednesday, I joined my workmates in Chinatown for happy hour at Denson Liquor Bar. This basement bar is tucked downstairs on the corner of F and 6th, next door to Fuel. It looks sketchy outside, but it’s your typical bougie little DC hangout.

I was nervous that the small space would quickly become overwhelming as more coworkers showed up, but to my surprise, the bar area was very accommodating to our group. I had a great time sipping my $6 Chardonnay and chatting with everyone. The downside is that the happy hour food left me disappointed. The only thing listed was oysters, and since I have a shellfish allergy, that wasn’t happening.

With the National Portrait Gallery only a 5-minute walk from Denson, go get wine drunk and then chat with the presidential portraits

I like how close Denson is to several venues, including the National Portrait Gallery, the Capital One Arena, and the Landmark Theatre. I can picture myself getting dressed up for a date night, having a few drinks at Denson, and then seeing a movie. I may even invite my husband if I’m feeling generous.

Oh, and don’t worry too much by the lack of food options. My coworkers and I headed to Vapiano afterward and stuffed our faces with pasta and bread. Alcohol + pasta made Hump Day a lot more bearable.

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